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During 30 years existence history, Islamic Azad University (IAU) has completed Three stages, and now is starting its fourth stage. Briefly these stages are listed below:

First decade:Utilizing scattered capacities of higher education.

Second decade:Upgrading capacities in higher education.

Third decade:Advancing quality of education.

The Islamic Azad University has over 50 research centers. There are 20 additional research centers under construction and formation.

Currently (in 2011), the university publishes 130 scientific magazines.

As many as 600 inventions have been registered by students of the university during international competitions.

Over 1800 scientific, literary and art societies are active in the IAU.

IAU digital library has been established on those branches which offer postgraduate studies. Over 120 campuses have linked to this library.

The IAU., in Iran in 27 sports fields, has provided, and prepared the ground for 500,000 students to actively participate in those field.

The IAU in the field of public relations, and information has made great achievements.

The IAU with about 400 campuses in Iran, and abroad is training more than 1,700,000 students in 750 academic fields.

The Islamic Azad University is preparing the university to become a world class university between 2011-2015, both in research and education.

The aim of IAU since its inception has been to respond to students demands and needs.

The IAU grants scholarship to postgraduate students in some disciplines.

To create appropriate facilities for the faculty members to take sabbatical courses.


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